All About Fat Tire Electric Trikes

There is a lot of buzz about electric bikes in general in America these days. But what about trikes, what about fat tire electric trikes? Well this is the exhaustive article about fat tire electric trikes so look no further, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy. 

What is a fat tire electric trikes? Who uses them and why do they use them? 

Different Sections: 

  • What is a fat tire electric trike
  • Why they are so popular 
  • How to use one 
  • Who should own one 
  • What you should look for when buying one
  • Video of a trike in action

What is a Fat Tire Electric Trike 

These trikes are basically the original trike on steroids ... Trikes or tricycles have been for a really long time, 1789 to be exact. See interesting article about the history of trikes if your interested here.   Normally the standard trikes come with smaller frames, and have thinner tires either small mountain bike type tires or road bike tires. See picture below for a basic or standard trike. 


 Anywhere Trike - Breezy Edition - Adult Electric Tricycle

There are some big upsides to this style as well as some downsides. Obviously, this style would be a lot lighter. As well as more compact for easier storage, at least a little less storage needs. They are going to handle very similarly on the road, as far as stability and ride comfort. 

Speaking of stability that is probably the biggest reason someone gets a trike or tricycle as an adult. This offers the rider a way more stable platform to ride off. The advantage is not only when you are riding down the road, but also when you start or stop the bike. 

When you go from a regular bike to a three wheeled trike you will be very pleased to know, that when you start it wont type over on you. So getting on and off is a lot easier. Also when you stop at a stop sign for example , or take break along the ride to enjoy the scenario... you wont have to worry about bracing your self. You can just sit back and relax. 


Why they are so popular  

Well that is a good question, and I am glad you asked.. really the fat tire versions are so poplar for many reasons, that we will discuss here. One of the biggest reasons in my opinion is they look AWESOME! Seriously, take a look at this fat tire trike versus the standard trike. Which one is your neighbor going to talk about more. 


So besides, the wow or coolness factor their are actually a lot of benefits to having fat tires. 

Smooth Riding! 

 Fatter tires equals way smoother ride. Also the suspension is bigger on these trikes than the regular trikes. Both of these reasons make a better ride. 

Ride Anywhere? 

With a better surface area on the tires you get way more traction. This means you can pretty much ride this bike anywhere. You can these bikes on sand, dirt snow even. It maybe cold... bundle up. But don't let the cold keep you indoors. 


These fat tire bikes typically come with bigger motors than the standard. So they have way more power to get up hills. So if you are worried about hills this is a great option. Most trikes standard and fat tire do well on hills. 

Higher Weight Capacity! 

The larger frames and larger tires make for an incredible amount of weight these bikes can carry. Many of them can carry up to 400 lbs or more. 

How to use one 

Most of these come with few options. If they are equipped with electric motors then you will have the power of the motor to move the bike. Three options to drive are follows: 

1. Like a normal bike, Manual Pedal Mode 

2. Full throttle mode, Just use your thumb and let the electric motor do the work

3. Pedal Assist mode, pick the amount you want the motor to make pedaling easier. Usually 1-5 or 1-10 variable. ( Some bikes don't have all modes)  

The first most important thing is safety. First make sure to always wear a helmet, when you a riding. 

We recommend turning key on the battery ahead of getting on the bike. But leaving the LCD controller on the handle bars off. It is better to wait until you are on the bike to turn on the LCD controller. 

Some of the bikes will come equipped with walk assist for walking your bike up hills. So never hold down on the minus button on the LCD controller. 

Once you are on the bike you can turn on the LCD screen , each controller is a little different. Look at the manual for reference. 

Start riding the trike, you can pedal. I recommend keeping pedal assist off. Once you are ready to use that turn the button from 0 to 1. Or what ever desired setting you want. 

When you want to have pedal assist that number will represent how easier it will be to pedal. 0 is going to be the manual setting. Then 1 is hardest all the way to 5 make it super easy to pedal. 

If you want to do full throttle just put the number at desired amount of speed. Again the numbers from 1-5. 1 being least amount of power to 5 is most power. Full throttle mode is activated by just pushing the thumb throttle switch. 

Who Should use one

Everyone! At least one time. 

On a serious note, there are some people that shouldn't use these trikes. We highly recommend these for seniors. But younger people will find them fun to ride as well. 

They are much larger and heavier than the standard tricycle. Becuase of that we would recommend the rider should be advised ahead. Although we have seen people on the lower side of 5 feet tall use them and very much enjoy the ride.  

What to look for when buying one 

There are a few things we always recommend checking when looking for a fat tire electric trike. 

First, the company that makes them, service them and warranties them is very important. Look for a reputable company that has support throughout the country. A company that is United States based. 

Second, make sure they have three modes mentioned above, manual pedaling, full throttle and pedal assist. You will want them. 

Thirdly, look for a trike that has the right frame for you. Low step through if you are getting up there in age, and want easy on and easy off. 

Fourth, make sure the trike comes with the accessories you want. For example, baskets and upgraded seats. 

Fifth, ergonomic and comfortable ride. Look for handle bars that are comfortable to hold on to and your back is straight in an upright posture. 

Video of trike in action

 Here is a simple overview of the trike in action and all the features they have. 



You can ride it at the beach, or to the beach! 

Check out the Anywhere trike - Rugged Edition - The fat tire electric trike. 

Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below. 


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