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The advent of personal transportation tech has noticeably entered the mainstream over the last few years.


First, this was observable with more novel “toy-like” motorized products coming to market, like electric skateboards and scooters. However, as the popularity of this type of product grew, more resources were invested into developing sophisticated forms of alternative transportation tech.


Recent innovation in this space has led to products like electric bicycles, or, “ebikes”, seeing a meteoric rise in popularity.


What this has contributed to the market has been anything from a fun way to get around town, to a full-on replacement for something like a second car.


As ebikes have grown in popularity, they naturally began to command a larger, and more diverse audience.


Because of this, the electric bike scene has been witness to a great deal of specialized, niche variations of electric bikes coming to market for riders of all kinds.


This note brings us to the variation of electric bike we’re going to be talking about today is the electric trike, a three-wheeled motorized electric vehicle perfect for older riders.


What makes an electric trike different from a standard electric bike?


electric trike


While the difference between these two vehicles may seem as though it’s fairly surface-level, that’s surprisingly not entirely the case here.


Yes, the main difference between an electric bike and an electric trike is the fact that one is a bicycle and the other is a tricycle, but this is nowhere near where the two stop having differences.


Where electric skateboards, scooters, and even ebikes have a decidedly younger target demographic, electric trikes find themselves on the opposite end of this spectrum, being the perfect form of reliable alternative transportation for seniors.


What an electric trike has to offer in the way of safety and stability is generally what makes it such a great fit for older riders.

Having three wheels instead of two allows for a much more laid back and slower ride if that’s the kind of experience one prefers.


Electric trikes are capable of riding much slower than ebikes, or simply coming to a standstill.

What’s great is that with an electric trike full stops can be done without forcing the rider to step off the trike or extend a leg to act as a tripod as they would with an ebike to keep the bike from falling over.

While being an attractive feature for senior riders, this isn’t the electric trike’s entire narrative. Although complemented by the stability offered by a third wheel, these vehicles are anything but slow.


Among many other state-of-the-art tech features, electric trikes also tend to be able to offer a generous amount of power in the form of motorized assistance. This motor assistance is usually incorporated into the interface of the electric trike in the handlebars, similar to a throttle on a motorcycle.


Depending on how the rider feels, they can use this feature simply to supplement their pedaling for a more leisurely riding experience or to boost their speed for a zippy ride. Now, on the topic of features commonly seen in electric trikes, let’s have a brief look at what these vehicles tend to come equipped with.


What to expect from an electric trike


In such a diverse and innovative scene, you can expect to see many new and exciting features on products that are meant to add flair to help them stand out.


While it is true that there is a good deal of companies that may add extra gadgets to their electric trikes and bikes for the appearance of a more sophisticated product while not offering much in the way of practicality, there are many great innovations that have become staples on electric trikes that provide a better riding experience all-around.

Some good features to look out for include:


LCD Displays

electric trike lcd display


LCD Displays don’t appear on every single electric trike out there, but they are almost a given on higher-end models.

Having an LCD display on your electric trike allows you to monitor key pieces of information about your trike and your ride, usually offering data like battery charge and current speed, this feature is a great help in gauging how far and how quickly you can travel at any given moment.


Varying Designs and Frame Dimensions


There are multiple designs for electric trikes, but essentially only two that are widely popular.


These designs are standard, upright electric trikes which are by far the most popular trikes for seniors as they have a wide array of applications, and simpler electric “stunt” trikes that offer a laid-back low seating position and higher top speeds, aimed more towards the younger and adolescent demographic.


In addition to having varying designs, another important feature to look out for on an electric trike is the dimensions of its frame.

The variation of a trike’s frame can change anything from the sitting position to providing more stability when riding from a wider placement of the rear wheels. Because of how diverse this aspect of electric trikes is, it’s always a good idea to make sure you’re selecting a design that’s right for you.


Safety Accessories


 electric trike front light


Since electric trikes are intended to ride alongside other traffic, pedestrian or automotive, it’s important that they come with the safety features you’d see in vehicles of this caliber.


This should usually include features like reflectors, mirrors, and LED headlights, occasionally even tail lights.




Electric trikes have a variety of applications, one of which being short to mid-distance transport to and from places like the grocery store.


In cases like this when one is taking their trike for a shopping trip, it’s crucial to have ample storage space available.


Electric trikes intended to be more “for fun” than utilitarian typically will not be able to boast much in the way of storage, but many standard upright models will come equipped with large front and rear baskets for cargo.




Nearly all electric trikes will come standard with some degree of waterproofing, usually by increasing the battery and other sensitive electric components within the frame of the trike itself.


Smart Charging Features


Smart charging features on electric trikes are helpful for maintaining the longevity of your trike.


What this feature does is simple, but important. Smart charging prevents your trike’s battery from being overcharged when charging, allowing for a longer, healthier, and more efficient overall battery lifespan.


Battery Capacity, Motor Power, and Top Speed


This is another area that offers plenty of choices, as there really is an option here for everyone when it comes to electric trikes. Electric trikes are powered by a powerful electric motor that draws its energy from a rechargeable battery.


The capacity of these batteries will vary depending on the intended application of the electric trike in question, but you should expect no less than 20-30 miles of range from a full charge.


Some models will be able to go further with manual pedaling, but it generally isn’t too comfortable to manually pedal a trike weighing, in some cases, over 100 pounds, so make sure to keep a close eye on your battery charge when riding.


As for speed, sportier and smaller electric trikes are able to reach speeds of 30mph and up, while upright electric trikes will typically be able to reach top speeds of 13-20mph.


Of course, in both cases, the amount of motor support is customizable by the rider and is usually all controlled at the handlebars with a throttle alongside a brake lever.


Carrying Capacity


Carrying capacity will also vary depending on the intended use of the electric trike, with smaller, sportier electric trikes being aimed more towards younger people having max weight capacities of around 150, and upright electric trikes intended for adults and seniors being able to carry 300-450 pounds.


Electric trikes are usually single-passenger, but there are a few options that allow for another rider.




Now that we’ve gone over what kind of features you can expect on electric trikes, it’s important to next discuss what kind of price these varying features will command. On the low end, sports trikes can cost as little as $150 to $200.


On the opposite end of this spectrum are the higher-end upright electric trikes. These can cost anywhere from $700 to $2,500, with luxury electric trikes fetching prices higher than $3,000.


Some Electric Trikes We Recommend For Seniors


As far as electric trikes for seniors go, the best option is definitely going to be the upright trike, as this provides a comfortable seating position, the majority, if not all, of the above-listed features, extra stability and safety, motorized assistance for a relaxed and easy ride, and ample cargo space and carrying capacity.


So, to give you some good examples of what we think are great electric trikes, here’s a couple of our favorite upright electric trikes for seniors.


Anywhere Trike - Rugged Edition



The Rugged Edition of the Anywhere Trike is a fat-tire tricycle. This means that it’s able to offer even more traction than standard electric trikes on account of the larger surface area and traction provided by its wider tires.


Because of this aspect of the Rugged Anywhere Trike, possibilities for off road adventures are opened up where they wouldn’t have been possible with other electric trikes. In addition to this, the Rugged Edition is incredibly easy to ride, taking no more than 5 minutes to fully understand.


This electric trike also offers 31 miles of range on a full charge, comes with smart charge technology, and can reach top speeds of 14.5mph.


The carrying capacity here is about 400 pounds, giving you plenty of carrying capacity to transport cargo with the trike’s two baskets. The Anywhere Trike is also able to offer all of the previously discussed safety features, and even a parking brake.


It’s because of these thoughtful features along with many others that we believe this to be a great option for adults or seniors alike looking for a versatile yet safe luxury electric trike.


Anywhere Trike - Electric Adult Tricycle


Electric Tricycle for Seniors


While the rugged edition of the Anywhere Trike can cost up to $3,300 when not on sale, it can certainly be a big purchase for many people. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly electric trike, this is where the standard Anywhere Trike adult tricycle comes into play.


This electric trike is able to offer most of the same safety, smart charging, and carrying capacity stats as the rugged edition, while commanding a significantly lower price tag of about $1,900.


The compromises made to allow for this change are a lower travel range ( 20 miles per charge), a smaller, sleeker frame, and smaller, thinner tires, which places the standard Anywhere Trike more in the realm of a commuter’s electric trike.

While these changes can slightly limit the range of journeys and some off roading capabilities, they may prove to be a very fair tradeoff if these weren’t things you were too concerned about to begin with.


We hope this guide has helped to break down the best trikes for adults and seniors so that you can make an informed buying decision when it’s time to make your own purchase.


Let us know if you further questions in the comments, and one our Electric Bike experts will help you.

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