Should Adults Ride Tricycles?

Do you remember the first time you ever rode a bike? Maybe it was even a Radio Flyer tricycle when you were just a kid. Well, the thrill of riding a tricycle doesn’t change as we get older. Anyone and everyone, including adults and seniors, should choose to ride a tricycle.

- When to Consider Them- Balance and Stability- Practical Uses- Different Uses- Why Should You Use the Electric Version?- Video of an Electric Tricycle

When to Consider Them?

There are so many times when you should consider riding a tricycle. Whether it just be for fun, using it to get exercise or spending more time with your family, trikes can be beneficial for anyone.

I think most people know what the big difference between bicycles and tricycles are – the number of wheels there are. But there are a number of other things as well that can make them stick out from all the other choices out there.

Tricycles are often way more comfortable than a regular bicycle. These bikes are built bigger, so you will see that trikes are more likely equipped with an upgraded seat that has a backrest. This will also help put you into a more natural riding position.

While tricycles often have way more room for seating, that also have a lot of room for storage and space all around. With the space between the 2 back wheels it gives room for a rear storage basket on top of a normal storage basket. This can be great if you are taking a longer ride and need to bring things with you, or maybe your dog would like to ride with you. There are so many options and uses for the baskets on a tricycle.

Balance and Stability

Sometimes, as we grow older it gets harder to stay balanced, especially if it is on a 2 wheeled bicycle. The extra wheel on a tricycle adds for the ability to stay way more balanced as you ride along, no matter where you need to go.

Have you ever tipped over a bicycle? I know that I have and that it is not fun! Tricycles make it a lot more difficult to tip over which can be a great thing for anyone. Since tricycles have more stability than a 2wheeled bicycle does, you have to use less physical strength to control and ride it. Also, because of the stability they have, they are often associated with less risk of injuries that are related to loss of control.

Practical Uses

There are endless ways in which someone could choose to ride a tricycle. Some practical ways could be choosing to use the tricycle as a form of exercise or physical therapy. Tricycles can be a great way to help someone get in shape, strengthen your muscles and put less strains on your joints.

Since tricycles are often equipped with the front and rear baskets, they can be a great choice when going to pick up groceries. There are often weather-proof storage bags that can be put in the baskets to protect whatever you choose to put in the baskets – no matter how the weather changes.

Many adults will choose to use a tricycle as their main means of transportation. Especially if you live in a big city or well populated area, you will see lots of people riding around on tricycles and bicycles. They can be a great way to get from place to place, especially when you don’t have to stop for gas.

Do you have friends or family that also like to ride bicycles? Tricycles can be the perfect way to get back out and spend even more time with your loved ones.

Different Uses

Now that we have covered some of the really practical ways in which you could choose to use a tricycle, what others ways are there?

You can use a tricycle to take your small dog to the dog park, take it to a concert or some type of show, ride it to the carnival, take it to a drive in movie or even take it to BINGO night.

No matter what it is you like to do, using a tricycle could help assist you in doing it. Check out the electric tricycle taking a ride down at the beach.

Why Should You Use the Electric Version?

We now understand a lot about standard tricycles, but what is an electric tricycle? An electric tricycle is going to come with a powerful motor and battery that will allow you to go even farther than you ever have before. There are a number of different reasons why someone might choose to ride an electric tricycle over one that isn’t powered.

One of the biggest advantages is that with an electric tricycle it gives you 3 ways in which you can ride. Pedal assist, full throttle and no power like a standard bicycle. With pedal assist you pedal and use the motor at the same time and you can gain a lot of speed this way. With full throttle, you don’t have to pedal at all. Just sit back, relax and let the bicycle do all the work for you. And finally, you can ride the electric version just like a normal bicycle – with no added power.

Since you now have a motor, you will never have to worry about getting over hills again. With all the added power you can get anywhere you want to go with no issues, including whatever terrain you may choose to ride on.

There will also be a number of new features added to the electric version. These will be things such as an LCD display, front and rear LED lights and a large carrying capacity.
The LCD display will most likely be located on the handlebars and show you fast you are going, the life of the battery and distance traveled. These should be simple and easy to use.

Most electric tricycles will have a front LED headlight, and some will also have the rear LED lights. This will be a great feature for any tricycle, especially if you are having to ride at night or in rainy weather.

Electric tricycles are often built much sturdier than a standard trike, this will allow for a larger carry capacity, especially with different models. Some of the smaller and sportier models may be focused towards younger people and have a carrying capacity of about 150lbs. Electric tricycles focused on adults and seniors will often be more upright and have a carrying capacity a bit higher, 300-400lbs.

Video of an Electric Tricycle

Make sure to take a look at this video and see how it highlights some of the features that an electric tricycle may have. This is also a fat tire tricycle, equipped for any type of terrain and built even bigger they can be a great choice for any adult.

So, to answer the initial question, adults SHOULD ride tricycles!

Happy riding!

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