Things to Consider Before Buying an Amazon E-Bike

When looking to purchase an e-bike Amazon might seem like a great and more affordable choice, but there are a number of different things you might want to know about before you decide for sure.

These will be anything from the warranty offered, reliability, ability to get a mechanic, customer support, and more!

But to start us off, what is an e-bike?

There are numerous different types of e-bikes, so it is best to have an idea of what you might want in mind before you begin your search.

These can be anything from the style of the bike, such as a beach cruiser, to even the number of wheels it may have. There are both 2-wheeled electric bikes and electric trikes that have 3 wheels!

The main thing that makes an e-bike different from a standard bike is the fact that they come equipped with a powerful motor and rechargeable battery. These things can be great for any type of rider out there!

E-bikes can be used in a variety of different ways. Many people use them as their everyday commuters and are able to save on gas and many other expenses that come with cars or public transportation.

Some people use them to just get back to exercising and being outside.

The electric tricycles are especially popular for people who have mobility and stability issues since the third wheel allows you to stay balanced no matter where you choose to ride.

Check out this fat-tire electric trike and how cool it looks!

How Do You Use an E-bike?

There are typically three different ways in which you can ride an electric bike. The first way is just like a normal bike, no power from the motor is helping you out here.

Next, there is pedal assist mode. There are typically 5 levels to this mode, but every e-bike is different so always make sure to check your manual for any questions you may have. When using pedal assist that number will represent how easy it will be to pedal. 0 is going to be the manual setting. Then 1 is hardest all the way to 5 makes it super easy to pedal.

The final option to ride an e-bike is full throttle mode and I bet you know what that means! Yep, you just push the thumb throttle down and let the motor do all the work for you, no need to pedal here.

When you first get on an e-bike it is best to just begin riding the bike and begin to pedal before adding any power. I recommend keeping pedal assist off when you first start so that the bike doesn’t bolt out from under you too quickly.

Once you are ready to use that turn the button from 0 to 1. Or whatever desired setting you want.

E-bikes will most likely have some type of controller located on the handlebars where you can keep track of things such as speed, distance traveled and battery life. You want to make sure this is something that is simple and easy to use, because you don’t want there to be anything that will distract you as you ride.

This controller is where you will also be able to turn your LED lights on and off. Yes, that’s right, your e-bike should come equipped with front and rear LED lights so you will have no issues no matter what time of day you drive!

Amazon vs. E-Bike Company

So, the whole idea of this blog post is about the things to consider before you decide to purchase an e-bike off of Amazon, let’s get to it!

No matter where you get an e-bike from it is bound to need maintenance, assembly, or repairs throughout its lifecycle so you want to make sure you are taken care of in this aspect especially.

Amazon often does not give warranties on their e-bikes, and if they do it is difficult to figure out what they are even going to cover, and what you will have to pay out of pocket!

If you choose an e-bike company they should have their warranty clear and make sure you are taken care of. Many companies will also give you the option to purchase an extended warranty for a small cost that will leave you protected for many many years.

Say you do need some work done on your e-bike, who will you call first to get it fixed when you bought it through Amazon? Amazon is a huge company that is hard to get in contact with and it may become difficult to get ahold of an actual person and not an automated computer.

If you choose an e-bike company for your purchase they should have the ability to schedule a mechanic to come straight out to your house and fix any problems you may have! There is also an online call service where you can talk directly to a mechanic and diagnose your issues.

Reliability is also a huge aspect of getting an e-bike, you want to be able to make it home if you go out for a ride. It is always important to look at reviews when making a big purchase such as an e-bike so you can get an idea of what the bike is really like.

E-bike companies specialize in these products and the service they offer. You are much more likely to get someone who knows your bike and can help you with your needs if you choose to purchase through an e-bike company instead of Amazon.

Take a look at this video below from an e-bike company that highlights many of the features on their electric beach cruiser bike.

What Can I Do With My E-bike When I Get It?

Once you have decided what e-bike is the best option for you it is time to get out and ride! But there are so many other things you can do with an e-bike than just ride down bike paths and in parks.

Since e-bikes often have room for storage, especially with trikes, the hauling capabilities are endless. You can do anything from pick up groceries to bring your dog out for a ride with you in the basket!

Many people use their e-bikes as a way to help them with their hobbies. This can be anything like riding to the local craft store to pick out new fabrics or even using the e-bike as a way to hold gear you may need for hunting.

Take a look at this picture from one of our Anywhere Bikes customers and how he is using his electric trike for bow hunting!

No matter what you like to do I am sure there is a way you can incorporate your new e-bike in to help you out!

Please be sure to leave any questions or comments below.

Happy riding!

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