What is a Step-Through E-Bike?

We all know that bikes have been around for a long time, 1817 to be exact, but they have changed in so many ways in all this time. The first-ever bike was made with a wooden beam frame and didn’t even have pedals! Can you imagine trying to ride that today? Check out this picture of what one of the first bikes looked like. If you are interested in reading more about the history of bikes and their fames click here.

If you are looking at e-bikes now you might notice that there are so many choices and maybe even terms used that you don’t know what they mean. From standard bikes to beach cruisers to trikes, it can seem like a lot to choose from. You may have even seen or heard of a step-through e-bike, but what does that really mean? Let’s find out.

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Step-Through E-Bikes

The name of these bikes pretty much describes the main feature of what these bikes are. Step-through e-bikes are going to be made with a lower, curved frame so that you can step right over it in order to get onto the bike, as well as making dismounting the bike easier.

E-bikes that have a low step-through design also allow for you to sit in the most upright position, which can help with overall comfort as you ride.

One big factor that people are choosing e-bikes now is that they are built to be much sturdier than before. There are often even rugged edition step-through bikes that will be equipped with bigger tires that will make it a breeze to go over any terrain you may be encountering.

With the choice for a rugged design on a step-through bike, there are also other options to look for. Beach cruisers and trikes can even have a low step-through design. Whatever type of electric bike you are looking for, I am sure there is one made just for you.

How to Ride Them

Step-through e-bikes are going to be ridden just like any other type of electric bike, just with much more ease to get on and off. Check out this picture on the left and how low the frame goes. That bike has a low step-through of 18.5 inches.

First things first, always remember to wear a helmet when you ride and check with your local regulations of where you can ride electric bikes.

Typically, to get a full charge on the battery it will take 4-6 hours, then you should be able to ride over 30 miles. Most e-bikes will go up to about 15mph, and that is just with the power of the motor. But there are a couple of other ways in which you could choose to ride.

E-bikes are equipped with a powerful motor that will get you anywhere you need to go. The best way to begin riding is to just get on and begin pedaling, then you can choose what option you would like to ride in. I would always recommend starting pedaling before you choose pedal-assist or full throttle mode so that the bike doesn't bolt out from under you too fast.

You can use just the motor power and ride or you can use pedal assist mode. With pedal assist, you can choose which setting you would like, there are usually 4 or 5 modes of assistance to choose from and then you work with the bike motor and ride. As always, you could also choose to ride the electric bike just like a bike without a motor.

E-bikes will also have some type of display screen for you to navigate. Here you will have a speedometer and be able to tell how charged the battery is. This is also where you will be able to choose the level of pedal-assist you would like and turn the headlights on and off.

Where Can You Take Them?

Before you take your step-through e-bike anywhere, it is always important to check the rules and regulations in your area.

Step-through electric bikes can be used to travel to so many different places. Many people choose to use their electric bike as their everyday commuter, taking it to work, school, or their community event center. Many electric bikes also have hauling capabilities so that you are able to bring lots of stuff with you that you may need throughout the day.

Step-through bikes are great to take to local parks and even the local bike trails around you. You could use it to go have a picnic or even take a small dog to the dog park. It can also be a good choice to just take a ride to go bird watching or enjoy the nature.

You could also choose to take a step-through e-bike to local restaurants, out to the outlet malls for shopping, your friends and family’s homes, and even to the beach!

The places where you could take a step-through e-bike are endless. It all depends on what you like to do and how you want to get there.


One of the main reasons that people choose step-through e-bikes is to use them as a form of exercise. Step-through e-bikes can be a great way to get steady exercise and get back into shape. Many people even have been recommended to use electric bikes as their main form of physical therapy.

While e-bikes can be great for your physical health, they are also proven to improve your mental health and wellness. There are a number of signs and studies that prove this to be true in a number of different ways.

Since e-bikes are backed by a battery and electric power, you won’t ever have to worry about stopping to get gas or having to get oil changes. All you have to do is charge up the battery and then you can ride wherever you want to go.

Electric bikes are a great way to help minimize your environmental impact as well. They are a sustainable alternative to cars and other traditional modes of transportation.

The biggest benefit that seems to come from step-through e-bikes is the freedom and fun that you can have with them. You can take them almost anywhere and use them for so many different activities it seems endless. And they can be a great reminder of what it was like to ride a bike as a kid, except now you have a motor!

Happy riding!

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