Who Should Consider a Step-Through Electric Bike?

There are all kinds of different electric bikes out there, so how do you know which ones are the right choice for you?

You get to choose from; color, speed, frame shape, accessories, and even the number of tires. You might even see electric bikes with low step-throughs, but what does that even mean? Keep reading to find out.

Different Sections:

- What is a Step-Through Electric Bike?- Other Features to Look For- Where to Take Them- Who Should Use Them?- Why You Should Use Them

What is a Step-Through Electric Bike?

A step-through bike will have a lower frame so you can just step through the frame to get on and off of the bike. This can be something that anyone might want when they are looking to purchase an electric bike.

Look how easy this bike looks like it would be to get on and off of. The step-through on this bike is only 18.5".

Step-through electric bikes will come with some type of battery and motor. It takes 4-6 hours to fully charge the battery, and after that, you can ride for miles and miles. The motor will typically be 250W or 500W. Any of this will be enough power to get you up and over any hill you might encounter.

There are also a couple of different ways you can ride a step-through electric bike. You can choose to ride it with no power, full power, or in pedal-assist mode.

Other Features to Look For

Since electric bikes have become a pretty popular option, there are so many features that you could get with a step-through bike. But which ones are should you make sure to get on your electric bike?

An LCD controller is something that will be super important to have. This will most likely be located on the handlebar somewhere and will be how you check your speed, distance traveled, and the battery life left. These will be things you will want to be able to keep an eye on as you ride.

Always check to see what type of tires are on any electric bike you might be considering. You want to get something that has at least mountain bike tires, maybe even fat tires. These types of tires will give you the smoothest ride possible. You will be able to ride quickly and with ease over any type of terrain you might encounter.

The picture on the right is a fat-tire trike.

Your all-around comfort should be a big factor in choosing what you get, and that starts with the seat. Make sure to see if there is a wide, cushioned seat on any electric bike you might consider. You could even look and see if you can find a seat that includes a backrest! That would be a great feature to have on any ride.

As mentioned in the beginning, you can even choose the number of wheels you may want on your bike. Many electric bike companies are making trikes as well. The extra wheel that is on a trike gives so much added balance and stability as you ride.

With the extra wheel, there is extra space in the back. Lots of times, electric trikes will come with baskets on the back and the front. These are great features to have so you can carry anything you might need to take with you throughout the day.

Where to Take Them

Step-through electric bikes can be used at a lot of places. Typically, you may think to just take an electric bike on a bike path at your local park. But there are so many other ways to use any type of electric bike.

Electric bikes can be used to get to your everyday destination. You could use it to ride to work, the local community center, or maybe even just a friend or family member’s home.

Since most electric bikes have storage baskets, many people have even used them when they go shopping. From the grocery store to the library or even the flea market, there is lots of room for anything you might want to get while you are out.

Many people have begun to use their electric bikes with any hobbies they may have. Camping is a big example of this. Electric bikes can be a great way to get where you need to go in a campground. Or maybe you could use it to take your fishing gear to the river, or a hammock to your favorite spot.

No matter what you like to do, there is probably a way you could use an electric bike with it!

Who Should Use Them?

A step-through bike could really be a good choice for anyone, but there are a few groups of people who might want to make sure they get this type of bike.

Anyone who has mobility or joint issues should definitely consider a step-through bike. Since you don’t even have to lift your leg very high to get on, this opens up bike riding to an even bigger group of people who couldn’t ride before.

Everyone knows that as you get older, it does get harder to move around like you might have done before. Bikes with a low step-through are often a top choice for seniors – or anyone who might just want a bike that is going to be easy to mount and dismount.

People who tend to be on the shorter side may also want to consider an electric bike that has a low step-through design. With shorter legs, it makes it much harder to get on and off of bikes that don’t have a low step-through. You also want to be comfortable while you ride and have ease when you might be mounting or dismounting the bike.

While it was mentioned how these bikes are made for older folks and shorter people, these bikes can work great for young and tall people as well!

Why You Should Use Them

As mentioned above, step-through electric bikes can be a great choice for anyone! But what other benefits might there be from choosing this type of bike?

These electric bikes are a great way to stay in shape and healthy. Many people choose to use step-through electric bikes as their daily exercise. Some doctors have even recommended them as a form of physical therapy for many of their patients.

While riding an electric step-through bike is good for the body, it is also good for the mind. Mental health is very important and getting a change in scenery or some fresh air could really help to improve moods.

Electric bikes can also be a good alternative to driving. It may seem intimidating if you have to ride in a hilly area or on rough terrain, but these bikes are powerful and build sturdy so you can get anywhere you might need to go with ease.

These bikes are also environmentally friendly. They cut down on gas and pollution, which helps to improve our air quality. All you ever have to do to ride these bikes are charge a battery.

There are so many benefits of why someone should choose a step-through electric bike, so check one out for yourself and see how great they can be.

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know in the comments below.

Happy riding!

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