Who should Consider an Adult Three Wheel Bike?

Everyone knows what the real difference is between a 3-wheel bike and a 2-wheel bike… it is the number of wheels! But do you really know what a 3-wheel bike is and how awesome they are? Keep reading to find out everything you might want to know about them.

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What is an Adult Three Wheel Bike?

You may think of a three-wheel bike as a small radio flyer kids’ bike, which was maybe even the first bike you ever got to ride. But, an adult three-wheel bike is a game changer in the bike riding world. As you may know, a three-wheel bike is typically called a trike or a tricycle. Now, an adult three wheeled bike is going to be much larger and sturdier than you would see for a child or young adult’s bike.

So, we all know that the big difference between trikes and bikes is the number of wheels they have, but let’s find out what all else they have that can make them stand out.

Since there are two wheels located on the back of the bike it allows extra space for storage. Most three-wheel bikes will come equipped with a rear storage basket and a front storage basket in front of the handlebar. Think of all the things you could take with you on your rides.

Everyone wants something that is also going to be sturdy and reliable, especially if they are going to be using it often. Well, three-wheel bikes are built bigger and better and can hold more weight than a typical two-wheel bike can.

With a three-wheel bike being build the way that it is, it also allows for it to be way sturdier and helps you to say more balanced as you ride. Staying balanced isn’t always the easiest thing as we get older, but that extra wheel can really help, especially when you are trying to get on and off of the bike. This also is going to give you extra stability because they are going to be much harder to tip over or move from out from under you.

Why do People Buy Them?

Besides the extra stability and ability to be more balanced there are a few more reasons that people are choosing to buy three-wheel bikes over the standard two-wheel bike.

We all know that everyone wants to be comfortable, no matter what they are doing. Well three-wheel bikes were built with added comfort all around. The seats are often upgraded, wider and will even have a backrest added to help with posture. Because of this extra padding and space, it is able to distribute your weight more evenly and over a larger area.


Another big reasons why adults may choose to get a three-wheel bike is because you don’t have to lean or counter steer like you would with any other type of bike. With these bikes you can take on any turn with direct steering. Instead of using your whole body you just have to turn the handle bars in the direction you want to go and the bike will take you there.

A huge safety factor with three-wheel bikes is that they are bigger than a normal two-wheel bike. This means that they are going to be easier to see when you are out on the road. While you always need to be cautious when you ride (and make sure to wear a helmet), the large size and uniqueness of these bikes makes them much easer to see and can help you to be protected while you ride.

Who Should Consider?

There are a number of different reasons why someone might consider a three-wheel bike. Whether it be you, a friend, your parents or a significant other, a three-wheel bike can be a great choice for anyone of any age.

Especially people who are having issues with staying stable or balanced on a 2-wheel bike this will be a great option for them to switch to.
But to really answer the question, anyone and everyone should consider a three-wheel bike!

Different Uses

Like a standard 2-wheeel, there are more ways to use it then we could list. And if we look at a three-wheel bike we can come up with even more ways in which you could choose to use it.

Many adults like to use their three-wheel bike as their everyday commuter. Whether it be going to work or back home this can be the perfect option to get from place to place – without ever having to get gas!

You can also use a three-wheel bike to go visit friends, family members, neighbors or anybody else whom might be in riding distance to you. Maybe even visit your local community center and spend time there doing all sorts of activities.

Since a three-wheel bike is going to have baskets on the rear and front, it allows for you to take more gear to even more places you might want to go. You could take it to go pick up groceries, take stuff to the local park for a picnic, bring your small dog along for the ride and even go berry or apple picking.

There are also a number of other places that would be great to take a three-wheel bike. Think about riding it to the beach, taking it camping, riding it over to your favorite restaurant or even taking it to your local park with bike trails and going birdwatching.

The number of different things you could use a three-wheel bike for are endless!

The Electric Version

So, it may seem quite simple to ride a normal three-wheel bike. I mean all you have to do is get on and pedal, right? But what about adult electric three-wheel bikes? Electric three-wheel bikes will come equipped with a number of different features that a standard 3-wheel bike does not have.

For starters, the electric version is going to come with a motor and a battery. Typically, they will come with a 500 watt, 36V or 48Vmotor. The battery on these is probably going to be some type of lithium battery that will allow you to ride around 30 miles and should take about 4-6hours to reach a full battery charge.

With all the power you get from the motor you should be able to make it over any hill and cover any terrain you might like to encounter as you ride. With the battery it will allow you to ride further than you ever have before.

You will also have the option to choose between three different modes of riding. You can pedal just like a normal bike would. You can use pedal assist mode where you get to pedal and use the power of the motor at the same time. Or you can use full throttle mode, all you do is push down the thumb lever and the bike will do all of the work for you.

There are so many different aspects when it comes to a three-wheel electric bike and how they differ from a typical bike that is not equipped with a motor.

How to Ride Them

If you already know how to ride a bike that has two wheels, it may seem even easier to ride a bike with three wheels, but there really are a number of differences when it comes to these bikes.

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