Why You Should Switch to an Electric Bicycle

Electric bikes have been around for many years and they are continuing to become more and more popular, and for a number of good reasons. People are switching from riding cars to electric bikes or even just standard bikes to riding a new and more efficient electric bike. But why are people making such changes and what could the benefits possibly be?

So, let’s go over some of the positives of switching over to an electric bike…


Everyone knows that leaving a carbon footprint is a huge issue in the world that we live in today. One of the biggest things about electric bikes is that they don’t give off any harmful greenhouse gasses into the environment.

Electric bikes are a renewable(rechargeable) form of energy that is used to get you anywhere you may need to go. Electric bikes do rely totally on the electric power that is coming from the battery, as well as being helped by the power used as you pedal the bike.

What all of this means is that they aren’t going to pollute the air like a car or other vehicles. If people continue to switch to electric bikes, it has been researched and tested that we could reduce our carbon footprint by almost half!

Since electric bikes come with a rechargeable battery, there is no need to ever replace them. Some batteries for these electric bikes are even becoming more eco-friendly and even solar-powered!

Why not just stick with a standard bike or other modes of transportation?

While a standard bike that doesn’t come equipped with a battery and motor may be a cheaper option, there are many reasons as to why an electric bike could be the better option.

Non-electric bikes can seem like a lot more work when you don’t have the power of an electric bike to help you, so you may opt to just grab your keys and take your car instead or hop on the bus.

Even with electric bikes, you can get from point A to point B faster sometimes than you could with a car! No more sitting in traffic, especially in large cities these can be just the mode of transportation that you need.

With an electric bike, there are typically three ways to ride. Full throttle mode where the bike does all the work for you and you won’t even break a sweat!

Then pedal-assist mode where the bike gives power but you also pedal along with it. And the final mode to use is just like a standard bike with no power from the electric bike for an even better and harder exercise.

Electric bikes are made heavier than standard bikes so they are more durable and can go over way more terrains than you could with a standard bike. These can be great on gravel, bumpy roads, hills, dirt, and anything else you could think of.

Saving Money and Time

Purchasing an electric bicycle may seem like a big investment to start with, but it will be well worth it in the end. Many electric bicycle companies also offer payment plans so it makes it even easier on your bank account!

With electric bikes, you don’t need any type of license to ride! And since you won’t be driving a car or using other modes of transportation you are going to save so much money on gas, parking fees, insurance, and car maintenance.

It only costs a couple of cents to charge the battery of an electric bicycle and this can let you travel up and over 20 miles from a single charge.

You won't ever catch an electric bicycle at the gas pump like this picture!

Another great thing is you won’t have to circle parking lots for hours just trying to find a spot, all you need is a bike lock and a spot to lock it to and it is so much easier than with a car!

Electric bicycles keep you healthy so you can also avoid even more health costs that may arise. An electric bicycle can also be good for emergency purposes and a good way to get somewhere fast when you need to.


The benefits when it comes to switching to an electric bike can be endless. To start, they are a great way to get back outdoors and be active. It can even bring back memories from when you used to ride a bike as a kid.

With electric bikes you are able to travel even further than you ever thought you could before, as well as make It back home each and every time you ride while exerting less energy.

This can be a huge deal for many people because there are many times that you may limit the amount of bicycle riding that you do because of how much your body is able to handle.

Electric bikes make hills seem flat and you are able to take a rest whenever is needed – without even having to stop! Because of this, you are able to ride all around town for hours on end without ever feeling the pain and agony that stopped you from riding before.

This can all lead to overall better health since they are such a great form of exercise. This can be both mental and physical health. Being outdoors and getting some sunshine is good for everyone!

Getting an improved mood just by bike riding. Exercising is great for stress relief and releases endorphins. Electric bikes are also a great way to spend more time with your friends, family, and loved ones. Especially for people with mobility issues, these can be a great option to be able to keep up with everyone around you.

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Happy riding!

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