Anywhere Bikes Give Back Program

How it works: 

We take portion of the profits of all bikes sold. Then give bikes to those in need inside the community. 

What Motivates Us: 

We will be honest we are motivated by profit, well actually we want to deliver amazing products to you. Then that will drive profit. That profit gives us the ability to "gift" someone with a bike. 

Selection Process: 

Well so far its been easy. We run into people who have a need as we go about our business. But we try to prioritize by need. So people that are disabled, low income or just generally speaking wouldn't be able to have a bike if it wasn't through this program. 

Recent Give Backs: 

We recently were able to give a trike to our friend who, has been a hard time riding a two wheel bike due to balance issues. So now she is riding and loving it! 

Electric Trike